The vision for Spiritual Sweets™ was inspired by the Holy Spirit years ago. However, Minister Sherilyn Bennett was at a loss regarding how to present her exciting idea to the world.  As a result, the name was written on a pad and placed in a box underneath her bed.  In 2012, while speaking with a dear friend, they decided to launch the Spiritually Sweet™ Tee-Shirt line.

They began this brand this Christian brand for girls and women with the initial launch of the Spiritually Sweet™ online boutique.  This inspirational clothing line is dear to Sherilyn for two reasons. First, she has always had a heart for women, young ladies and little girls. She was destined to start this brand because she comes from a family of many little girls with whom she spends a lot of her time with. In Sherilyn’s heart lies an incredible desire for them to know who they are in Christ, to know their purpose and to pursue it.

Since launching Spiritual Sweets, Sherilyn has had several unique opportunities to minister and facilitate empowerment seminars in which she and her team imparts wisdom into girls age 5 and up about self worth, finding their purpose, attaining academic excellence, combating bullying and peer pressure. In addition, she teaches every young lady how to effectively practice purity and willfully remain Spiritually Sweet— the way God purposed them to be. Spiritually Sweets isn’t just another brand, it’s a movement that is sweeping the nation, in which girls of all ages will take a stand for what’s right in a world where wrong is being perceived right!

Now more than ever, it is of the essence that girls are taught their spiritual identity when they are young. It is imperative to for them to know that their identity lies in Christ alone and no one else should be able to tell them who they are outside of Christ.  Second, when given the chance to mentor young girls within her local church, Sherilyn realized the great need for young girls to be able to wear apparel that makes a statement and can be used as a tool to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in a truthful, yet exciting and fun way!

Minister Bennett believes that for too long the church has allowed the world to raise our daughters and then we condemn them for their wrong choices. Her question is what happened to the village? Has it completely dispersed?

When Sherilyn isn’t expanding the vision of Spiritual Sweets™ she is serving in various ministries at her church.

She is also a gifted and talented graphic designer who specializes in assisting start-up entrepreneurs with holistic branding, by creating logos, business cards, product/services cards, fliers and brochures. Her portfolio includes book cover design, corporate identity packages (letterhead, brochures, fliers, posters and billboards). For more information and to see samples of her work, you can view her portfolio here:

She strongly believes that every client should have a look that reflects excellence in service.